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Technical Assistance:
Roberta offers customized technical assistance, mentoring, and consulting services in the areas  listed  below.   Visits may be combined  with  immediate  follow-up  training designed to address issues during consultations. Contact Roberta Newman to discuss your technical assistance needs  and  develop a  customized  package to  support  your  program.  Consider  these possibilities:
                   -- Strategic Planning
                   -- Meeting Facilitation
                   -- Program Evaluation
                   -- Mentoring for NAA Accreditation
                   -- Development of community assets
                   -- Development of staff training programs
                   -- Development of parent involvement strategies
                   -- Development of strategies to support children and youth with special needs
                   -- Design of effective indoor and outdoor environments
                   -- Development of plans for activity programming and scheduling
                   -- Development of creative solutions for shared space environments
                   -- Development of summer programs
                   -- Assistance with behavior guidance strategies
                   -- Development of programs to serve older children and youth
                   -- Development of strategies for establishing partnerships with schools and 
                   -- Development of effective marketing strategies
                   -- Development of program vision, mission, philosophy, and goals
                   -- Team development
                   -- Development of the budget as a planning tool
                   -- Development of program and personnel policies and procedures
                   -- Development of tools and strategies for motivating staff
                   -- Conflict resolution and mediation