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Biography -  Roberta L. Newman:

Roberta L. Newman has worked with children, youth, and families in a variety of roles for over thirty-five years.  She has been a classroom teacher, an administrator of arts and music programs for preschool through high school students, a preschool director, a high school administrator, and a director of school-age programs for elementary and middle school children.  As director of the Fairfax County, Virginia, School-Age Child Care Program, she guided the growth and development of over 60 school-based before and after school programs.  In this role, she created a program-wide Parent Advisory Group and launched Parent Pages, a monthly newsletter to help parents stay informed about program offerings and changes.

Since 1987, Roberta has been a management and training consultant focusing on the creation, development, and improvement of local and national programs for children, youth, and families.  She founded the American Child Care Foundation (ACCF) in 1988.  Through ACCF, Roberta organized two national school-age care conferences in 1989 and 1991.  Each conference drew over 600 participants.  Since 1991, Roberta has provided an array of training, technical assistance, writing, editing, and speaking services for corporations, government agencies, school systems, community agencies, and parent organizations.  She has produced numerous college curricula for students specializing in school-age child care services.

Roberta is the author of Training New After School StaffBuilding Relationships with Parents and FamiliesReal World Connections (a theme-based program for older elementary school children),  Connecting with Middle School Children (developmentally linked theme-based program for middle school children),  and Helping Children and Youth with ADD Succeed in After School Programs, Creating Portfolios with Kids in After-School Programs, and Connect with Music  She is also producer/author of Keys to Quality in School-Age Child Care, a nationally recognized video training package designed to help community organizations, parent groups, and school systems initiate and build quality programs.  Recently, Roberta designed and is the instructor of an interactive internet learning course for Charter Oak College titled Classroom Discipline.  Roberta  is co-author of Caring for Children in School-Age Programs, a series of thirteen training modules for staff in school-age programs.  She is also co-author of Pay Attention - Answers to Common Questions About the Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder.  She has published articles in the professional journals of the Council for Exceptional Children and the National School-Age Care Alliance (NAA).

Roberta is a graduate of the American Conservatory of Music where she earned Bachelorís and Masterís Degrees in Music Education.  She is a current member of the board of the Virginia School-Age Child Care Network and a founding Board Member of the National School-Age Care Alliance,  NSACA, now National AfterSchool Association (NAA)